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Sixteenth Century Books

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Sixteenth Century Books

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1 Carmina Quinque Illustrium Poetarum; quorum Nomina in sequenti Pagina continentur. Additis nonnullis M. Antonii Flaminii Libellis Nunquam autea impressis.
Venice: Presb. Hieronymus Lilius & Socii Excudebant, 1558. 
Octavo. 386, [2] pages. 3 parts, with title-pages to each part. Title-pages to parts I and III have the printer's device. A8-Z8. In a later vellum binding. BMC, Italian Books, p. 150; Adams C732. 
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2 D.N. Jesu Christi Novum Testamentum, sive foedus.
Geneva: ex officina Francisci Stephani, 1567. 
Octavo. 113ff. Aa8-Rr8, Ss4. With the printer's device on the title-page. In a vellum binding. Illustrated with a woodcut map. Renouard, Annales de l'Imprimerie des Estienne, p. 159; Adams B1075. Some very old staining in the lower outer margin, running through many pages. Additionally, there is a wormhole running through the caption title in leaves 24 through 39 affecting the caption title in those leaves and the text on the first line in three to four leaves. 
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3 La Saincte Bible, Contenant Le Vieil Et Novveav Testament: traduicte de Latin en François; Auec les Argvmens sur chacun liure, declarans sommairement tout ce que y est contenu.
Anvers: de l'Imprimerie de Christophle Plantin, 1578. 
Folio. [vi]ff., 860 [i.e. 864], 216 pages., [xviii]ff. Bound in two volumes. In seventeenth-century brown calf bindings with the arms of Marquis de Villeneuve-Bargemon, premier marquis de France. Spines gilt. Bound after 1709, since a number of prints are dated 1709. Some repairs to binding. Illustrated with woodcuts in the text and extra-illustrated with almost 400 engravings and etchings. Close to 100 of the engravings and etchings are by Crispin de Passe, Jacques Callot [La Petite Passion], Martinus Heemskerck, Martin de Vos, Philip Galle, Gerard de Jode, Charles le Brun, and Nicolas Poussin.. A large number of the engravings are by Matthaeus Merian the Elder. An astounding copy. 
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4 Liber Precum Publicarum, seu Ministerii Ecclesiasticae Administrationis Sacramentorum, aliorumque Rituum, & Caeremoniarum, in Ecclesia Anglica.
London: Excudebat Thomas Vautrollerius, 1574. 
Small octavo. [28], 299ff. a8, b4, c8-d8, A8-Z8, Aa8-Oo8, Pp4 (Pp4 blank? wanting). Title within a pictorial woodcut border. Nineteenth-century calf. Pollard & Redgrave 16427. With a pre-fire London bookplate. On June 19th 1574 Vautrollier was granted letters patent to print certain Latin books including Bezas Novum Testamentum (and presumably the present Latin liturgy). In fact the present work is a reprint of Wolfiums edition of 1572. Title-page mounted, with slight damage to upper part. 
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5 Opusculum Multarum Bonarum Rerum refectum. Ut. Sunt; D. Augustini Meditationes, Soliloquia & Manuale.
Venice: Impressum per Bernardinum de Lisona Vercellensis, 1520 
Small octavo. 144ff. Historiated woodcut initials. In later boards. 
Price: 1700.00 USD
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6 Vocabularius utriusq[ue] iuris: difficillimas quasq[ue] voces iuxta receptos iuris interpretes edisserens: nu[n]c demum exactissima cura recognitus ...
Parisiis: Apud Johanem Petit, 1529. 
Octavo. [ii], 264 ff. aa4, a8-z8, A8-K8. Text in two columns. Printer's device on the title-page with motto: 'Petit à petit.' Modern half calf over marbled boards. Very good copy. 
Price: 4000.00 USD
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7 Aesopus. Vita di Esopo frigio, prudente, et faceto fauolatore. Tradotta dal S. conte Giulio Landi. Allaquale di nuouo sono aggionte le fauole del medesimo Esopo, con molte altre d’alcuni eleuati ingegni, ascendenti alla somma di 400. Hora in gratia della studiosa giouentù illustrate, con la interpretatione & figure: & con diligenza corrette.
In Venegia: Appresso Gio. Battista, & Gio. Bernardo Sessa, 1597. 
Duodecimo. Two parts in one volume. 414, [xiv]pp. A12-S12 [S11-S12 blank]. Separate title-page to "Favole." Title and each page of text within border of type-ornaments. Vellum, repaired. Illustrated. This work was printed by a variety of printers using the same woodcuts and ornaments. Although a good number of editions were printed in the sixteenth century, most did not survive their use in schools. The Czech National Library identifies a copy at the “Library of the ASCR – Praha, ” with the same date and pagination, but without a printer’s name. The Italian National Union Catalogue does not locate a copy, but it is conceivable that the ‘Biblioteca Comunale Lorenzo Leonj, in Todi may have a copy. 
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8 Agrippa Von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius. Henrici Cornelii Agrippae de Nobilitate & Praecelentia Foeminei Sexus. Libellus, cum Orationibus Epistolis & Aliis quibusdam eiusdem Authoris...
Cologne: T. Baum, 1567. 
Duodecimo. [376] pages. The author's portrait in an oval cartouche on the title-page. In a contemporary vellum binding, gilt border; geometric oval design in gilt on both covers. HAYN-GOTENDORF I, 34. 
Price: 1100.00 USD
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9 Alamanni, Luigi. Opere Toscane di Luigi Alamanni al Christianissimo Re Francesco Primo.
Firenze & Vinegia: [Bern. Berned. Giunta] & per Pietro Niccolini da Sabbio, ad istanza di M. Marchio Sessa, 1532-1533. 
Octavo. Two volumes. I: [4]ff., 436 pages, [6]ff.; II:146 [i.e. 144] pages , [4]ff. First edition. Printer's device on the title-page and at the end. Volume one in a modern full calf binding and volume two in a contemporary limp vellum binding. First edition of both parts. 
Price: 3800.00 USD
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10 Antoninus Florentinus. Prima [-quarta] pars summe reuerendissimi in christo patris ac d[omi]ni: d[omi]ni Antonini archiep[iscop]i floren[tini].
Basileae: p[er] magistros Ioannes: Amorbachiu[m], petri & froben, dilige[n]tissime castigata, explicata est Feliciter, 15011 [= 1511]. 
Folio. Four volumes. I: [169]ff.; II: [216]ff.; III: [304]ff.; IV: [244]ff.; Index: [83]ff. Volumes I and II only. Title-page to Volume I missing. Woodcut device on each title-page, of Joh. de Amerbach, Joh. Petri, and Joh. Froben working in association. The device includes a shield with the arms of Basel and a Basilisk, or "Amphasies Cockatoo." Printed in two columns; marginal notes. Later calf, rebacked, retaining original spine. Adams A1215; VD16 A2959. 
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11 Apuleius, Lucius. L. Apvlei Madavrensis Opera omnia qvae exstant. E quibus, post vltimam P. Colvii editionem, philosophici libri ope vetustiss. cod. ms. innumeris mendis expurgatis quamplurimis locis aucti, per Bon. Vvlcanivm Brvgensem.
Lvgdvni Batavorvm: Ex Officina Plantiniana apud Franciscum Raphelengium, 1594. 
Sextodecimo. [xxiv], 393, [i] pages. Printer's device on title-page. *8, **4, A8-Z8, a8, b6. Contemporary stiff vellum. Adams, P873; BM STC Dutch and Flemish, 1470-1600, p. 168. Bound with: Apuleius, L. Apvlei Madavrensis Opera omnia qvae exstant. TWO WORKS BOUND IN ONE. Some underlining in the text. Two-page manuscript entry of the "Testamentum Porcelli," in a contemporary hand on the front free endpaper. 
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12 Apuleius, Lucius. L. Apvlei Madavrensis Opera omnia qvae exstant. E quibus, post vltimam P. Colvii editionem, philosophici libri ope vetustiss. cod. ms. innumeris mendis expurgatis quamplurimis locis aucti, per Bon. Vvlcanivm Brvgensem.
Lvgdvni Batavorvm: Ex Officina Plantiniana apud Franciscum Raphelengium, 1588. 
Octavo. Two parts in one volume. I: [xxiv], 431, [i]pp.; II: 298 [i.e. 296], [xl]pp. I: *8, **4, A8-Z8, a8-d8; II: AA8-SS8, TT4, a8-b8, c4. Last page blank. Printer's device on both title-pages. Italic letter, some Greek and Roman. Floriated woodcut initials, Contemporary stiff vellum. 
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13 Aristides, Aelianus. Aelii Aristidis Adrianensis Oratoris Clarissimi Orationum Tomi Tres Nunc Primum Latine versi a Gulielmo Cantero Ultrajectino.
Basel: Excudebat Petrus Perna Suis & Henrici Petri Impensis, March 1566. 
Folio. [9]ff., 650pp., [6]f. +8, a6-r6, s4; A6-L6, M4; Aa6-Tt6, Vv4; AA6-EE6, FF8, GG6. s4, M4, Vv4 blank. Three divisional titles. Each of the three books is followed by a blank leaf and a divisional title for the following book not included in the pagination. Old vellum. Schweiger I, 45; Hoffmann I, 249; Sandys II, 216; Adams A1703. Some worming, not affecting text. 
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14 Aristotle. L'Ethica d'Aristotile tradotta in Lingua Vulgare Fiorentina et Comentata per Bernardi Segni.
Venice: appresso Bartholomeo detto l'Imperadore, & Francesco suo Genero, 1551. 
Octavo. 343 pages, [5] leaves. Second edition. Title within ornate woodcut border. a8-z8, A8-V8, X4. In a nineteenth-century half red morocco binding over marbled boards. Illustrated with a few woodcut diagrams in the text. Adams A1837; Cranz, Aristotle 108.220; Riley, Aristotle 112. From the library of Jacobo Manzoni, with his bookplate. Fine. 
Price: 2900.00 USD
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15 Bembo, Pietro. Delle Rime di M. Pietro Bembo.
In Venettia: Presso Gio. Battista Bonfadino, 1599. 
Duodecimo. 70 pages. A12-F12(-2 blank). Contemporary vellum. Bound with: Bembo, P. Gli Asolani. Gamba 141, nota. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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16 Bembo, Pietro. Gli Asolani di M. Pietro Bembo. Di nuovo ristampati, & con diligenza revisti & corretti. Con gli argomenti a ciascun libro, & con le postille in margine, che dichiarano I vocaboli piu difficili. Fatte da Thomaso Porcacchi da Castiglione Aretino.
In Venetia: Appresso Pietro Marinelli, 1586. 
Duodecimo. [xxiv], 271 pages. With the printer's device on the title-page and on the register. +12, A12-L12, M6. Contemporary vellum. Bound with: Bound with: Bembo, P. Delle Rime di M. Pietro Bembo. Adams B583. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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17 Bernardus, Claraevallensis, Saint. Opera Bernardi. Divi Bernardi abbatis Claræuallis, ordinis Cisterciensis, doctoris disertissimi Opera omnia diuinæ institutionis refertissima, iuxta vetus exemplar iam denuo & collata, & postrema manu castigata. Quorum omnnium copiosißimus Index ...
Lvgdvni: Iacobvs Givnti, 1546 
Folio. [xxxii], 348, [lxxv]ff. aa8-bb8, cc6, dd10, a8-z8, A8-T8, V6-X6, Aa8-Ee8, Ff6, AA8-CC8, DD6. In two columns. Printer's device on title-page. Title-page in red-and-black. Contemporary blindstamped calf with gilt fleur-de-lys in the corners. Conjoined cherub's heads in gilt above a rectangular block in center; dated 1551 below rectangle. Unidentified scenes on strip all around. All bosses intact. Part of a clasp remains. 
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18 Boccaccio, Giovanni. Here begynneth the boke of Iohan Bochas, discryuing the fall of pri[n]ces, princesses, and other nobles: translated into Englysshe by Iohn¯ Lydgate monke of Bury, begynnyng at Adam and Eue, and endyng with kyng Iohan of Fraunce, ...
[London: Printed by Richard Pynson, 1527 (21 Feb.)]. 
Folio. [ix], ccxviff. a6, A6-X6, 2A6-2O6, 2P. One leaf only. ESTC S107088. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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19 Boccapaduli, Antonio. [Antenore Buccarelli] Ad Sanctissimum D.N.D. Sixtum V. Pont. Opt. Max. Antenoris Buccarelli Juris Consulti Auximatis Oratio et Carmina:...
Rome: Apud Nicolaum Picolettum, Typis Titi & Pauli de Dianis, 1587. 
Quarto. Wrappers. With the arms of the Pope on the title-page. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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20 Callimachus. Hymni, Epigrammata et Fragmenta, quae extant.
Leyden: Chris. Plantin, 1584. 
Sextodecimo. Viiiff., 272pp., [viii]ff., 95pp. Two parts in one volume, with separate title-pages to the two parts. In a contemporary vellum binding, yapp edges. GRAESSE II, 17; 'RUELENS & de BACKER, p. 264:12; ADAMS C233 and C235; INDEX AURELIENSIS 129.592. 
Price: 1300.00 USD
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